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Quick detail product that freshens and maintains in between washes.  A unique high-quality blend of synthetic polymers and waxes.  The easy to use spray-on/wipe-off sealant.  Works excellent, fast and easy,  on everything that shines--all painted surfaces, clear coat,  fiberglass, chrome, aluminum, metal, glass, mirrors, plastic, vinyl, rubber & decals.  The fastest way to shine and protect vehicle surfaces against  harmful pollutants and damaging UV rays. Allows you to wash a car, just rinse the soap off and spray Speed 'N' Shine directly on wet car and wipe which extends the extreme shine of a hand-wax look.  Perfect for spot washing or dry washing a lightly soiled or dusty vehicle.  Perfect for RVs, motorcycles and boats too.   Give your ride a terrific wax job in just a few seconds.  Makes your ride's surface shine like you won't believe.  Provide your vehicle with the protection and shine it deserves.  Speed 'N' Shine is a simple and effective way to keep your ride looking showroom new.

Speed N Shine (Pint)

SKU: 0010