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Produce a  deep lustrous rich show-room finish with naturally-derived CARNAUBA wet-look wax on new or used paint. Proven technology is why car enthusiasts, professional detailers, and perfectionists love this wax.  Strong long-lasting protection.  Takes off light oxidation and takes out black streaks.  Use every 5-6 months to give your ride a glossy shine & keep it in good condition.  Restores color and gloss on lightly oxidized finishes, as well as pre-cleaned surfaces.  Contains premium grade carnauba and detergent resistant polymers for a wet-look shine that cannot be beat to make your ride look its best.  Durable and easy-to-use.  You can apply by hand or wheel.  A little goes a long, long way.

Mirror Shine (12 oz)

SKU: 0007