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This is a great professional water-based high gloss ready-to-use exterior and interior dressing for plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, tires and engine to restore and protect color and gloss easily.  Contains strong UV ray blocking agents to protection and prevent dry-rot on all tires and helps keep tires from cracking, fading and hardening.   May also be used on RV tires, slide-out seals, awnings and roofs.  A biodegradable combination of naturally occuring oils and synthetic polymers that provides a very nice non-greasy, satin-like finish--very similar to the look of a new tire.  Replaces solvent-based dressings.  Can be diluted 50/50 for that semi-gloss look.  Does not harm rubber over time like many solvent-based dressings and is not as slippery.  As a bonus, this water-based dressing is environmentally friendly.  Revitalizes tires to leave a rich shine.  Durable, easy remedy for dry, lifeless surfaces.  Comes in a spray bottle that you can spray or wipe on.  Provides a fresh, clean scent.

Blue Sapphire (Pint)

SKU: 0002