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This is truly the ultimate all-purpose cleaner.  Effectively removes black streaks, dirt, road grime, marks and food stains, mildew, oil and grease on home and  RV awnings, roofs tires, and carpet.  This cleaner tackles even the toughest jobs likecleaning and degreasing grimy engines with very little elbow grease.  A clean engine not only looks better, it's easier to work on.  All Clean is a quick and easy way to keep your engine clean on a regular basis. And it won't discolor aluminum or chrome. Makes whitewalls WHITE!  A highly concentrated, medium to heavy-duty water-based cleaner/degreaser that is low foaming.  Enjoy the pleasant, clean fresh scent of this cleaner which is also formulated for both interior and exterior use!  Cleans the upholstery, dashboard, and whitewalls of your car truck, or even boat.  Cleans black streaks and mold on walls, floors, outside of RVs and awnings and roofs.  It also works great on your backyard grill!  Add to carpet shampoo for additional cleaning of heavily soiled carpets.  Great for vinyl and plastic cleaning.  Water-activated and bio-degradable.  You can trust All Clean to get the job done fast.                                            

All Clean (Quart)

SKU: 0001